Click to listen to hear early demos and the new Original Cast Album versions of the songs or right click to download


01 We're Poor Hamish, Gladys and Chorus) - ATG Cast Album

02 Super Calais Chorus of Calais Townspeople - ATG Cast Album

03 I Hate Musicals Hamish, Van Helsing and Chorus - ATG Cast Album

04 Drink With Me Slaughtered Lamb Chorus - ATG Cast Album

05 Look Out Look Out Dracula's About Slaughtered Lamb Chorus - ATG Cast Album

06 Love Is In The Air Tonight Jonathan and Mina - ATG Cast Album

07 I'll Wake Your World With My Kiss Count Dracula - ATG Cast Album

08 Evil's In the Air Tonight Monks, Townspeople and Dracula - ATG Cast Album

09 Searching for a Place of Our Own Gypsy Chorus - ATG Cast Album

10 Just Turn Around Gypsy Momma - ATG Cast Album

11 Dancing In the Pale Moonlight The Vampires - ATG Cast Album

12 I Vonted Partz Doctor Frankenstein - ATG Cast Album

13 We'll Put an End to Dracula Full Chorus - ATG Cast Album


We are planning to produce an original cast album on the Irma Music Label
Due out mid November 2012


All songs copyright Irma Music 2012

I Hate Musicals - 9/11/12

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