Sing Everyone Sing is a collection of fourteen original Christmas Carols written by Ian. Many of the tracks can be listened to and downloaded at

The tracks are as follows

1) Sing Everyone Sing  (Rae)  2) Little Child  (Rae)  3) Why? Because It's Christmas  (Rae)  4) The Sound of Distant Laughter  (Rae)  5) Child In A Manger  (Rae)  6) Traveller  (Rae)  7) Tell Out My Soul  (Lovelace,Rae)  8) Sleep Till Morning Light  (F.Rae)  9) Don't Be Afraid  (Rae)  10) Where is the Wonder  (Lovelace, Rae)  11) The Child Has Been Born  (Rae)  12) Time to Follow The Star Again  (Rae)  13) Go To Sleep My Child  (Rae)  14) Oh How Still You Lie  (Rae)

The album features some of the best singers from the amateur dramatic scene over the past few years, including Colin Symmonds, Jo Richards, Peter St James, Morven Rae and Fiona Rae.

Copies of the CD can be purchased from Irma Music


For a number of years now, instead of sending Christmas cards, the Rae family has produced a Christmas video, and donated to charity. These videos plus a number of other videos can be seen on Youtube by following this link to Ian's Youtube channel.

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